Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gause: The Legend

Tonight is going to be emotional for Dave and myself. Tonight we say goodbye to a legendary Pirate.

Paul Gause is the epitome of what makes Seton Hall basketball great. He gives everything he has, running around the court like a madman, swiping at the ball every chance he gets. In many ways, he's the perfect guard for Gonzo's "system."

But that's Paul the player. What you may not know is Paul the friend.

Dave and I first "friended" Paul on Facebook simultaneously about a year ago. Since then, we've been privileged to receive frequent status updates, everything from "Paul just added new photos..." to "Paul just changed his profile picture." But while his picture may change, I assure you he is as steady a man you'll ever meet. His relationship with Amelia is a model of respect and intimacy, and I can only hope to maintain myself with such dignity in my personal affairs.

Paul, what can I say? What haven't I already said?

We are like brothers. We travelled to West Virginia, Puerto Rico... and soon we'll see you in Kentucky.

Play your heart out tonight kid. Go beat Pitt.


Runs with Scissors said...

You guys are starting to get a little gay. Reel it back in a little.

UConnia said...