Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SHU Forgets to Get Off Plane; Loses 79-67

Playing Marquette has turned into an ugly affair for the apartment Ben and I currently rent to run our Setonia blog operation. For the second straight away game vs. Marquette, yet another poster was devastatingly ripped from our Ikea-laden apartment, signaling a sense of frustration that one only experiences after being "oh-so-close."

After playing subpar basketball for the first 20 minutes yet still somehow leading 37-34, the team managed to somehow revert to playing at an 8th grade level and was outscored 45-30 in the second half. Were it not for a couple of Hazell rainmakers in the last several minutes of the game, the score would have been even more lopsided.

What happened in the second half of tonight's basketball game will probably be studied by scientists (Dr. Adubato), dermatologists (Derm) and economists (Kaz) for years to come. Why was it that senior co-captain Paul Gause and rookie sensation Jordan Theodore were the only two players to show up to tonight's game? Well, I'm going to try and answer that question the only way I know how...by asking more questions...

- Why was Jeremy Hazell so reluctant to drive to the hoop the way he had been doing so all seasion? Was his neck still bothering him?

- Where was Stix Mitchell tonight? Did he forget his legs in the plane's overhead compartment?

- Why did Mike Davis not play one single minute? Can he really be any worse than Wawa?

- With 5 minutes left and Marquette up 25 pts, why did Gonzo pull fan favorite Matt Cajuste in favor of Wawa? Wawa had yet to register a single positive statistic in the box score and Cajuste had just blocked a shot...

- After another solid effort by Jordan Theodore and another mental vacation for Eugene Harvey, do we see the freshman get the start against St. John's this coming Sunday?

Those were just a few of the questions Ben and I had as we watched our beloved Pirates get brought back down to earth by the Golden Eagles. Hopefully on Sunday there will be some answers.

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VinMan said...

Good thing VinMan jr. was in bed for the second half.