Sunday, February 8, 2009

Super Sunday; SHU tops RU 65-60

As someone who makes every effort to catch every Seton Hall game possible - whether they be at the Rock, Walsh Gymnasium, a local away game, Puerto Rico or simply on TV or radio - not being able to watch my beloved Pirates was excruciating. I had to work on this glorious Sunday afternoon and therefore missed my first Seton Hall game in over a year. Yes, it was heart wrenching. But fortunately, I was able to get almost live text updates from my trusted associate, Ben. Through a series of accepted 21st century "text-isms," I was able to get a pretty good feel for the game. As a tribute to Ben, and a big shoutout to the late great Alexander Graham Bell, below is the live thread I was receiving, starting at halftime:

32-32 at half

up 3. all jt

jt hits a 3

hill is using bigs to guard Harvey


garcia has 10

13 for garcia

54 to 51. 8 min left

ru up 1

nunu awful

lane violation on garcia. lol

tied w 5 left

harvey 1 of 10 fg

up 2

3 min left. played sports all through high school

hazell lazy TO

ru up 1

tied at 60

146 left

both teams so ugly

killed on boards

hazell dunk off gause steal

up 62 60. harvey shooting 1 n 1. missed first

ru ball. 40 sec left. hall up 2

gause finally gets board. fouled with 19 sec left

missed first


63 60. ru ball


Wow. Thank you, Ben! And nice win SHU, however ugly it may have been. A win is a win and now the state of New Jersey is rightfully ours.


VinMan said...

It's to bad you guys had other commitments becasue RFS came through with some really good seats. Ruck Futgers!

The Donk said...

the hall is on a nice little 4 game win streak. should go to 5 when they play depaul. 6 when they play Uconn?

UConnia said...

This game wasn't on a game cast or anything? Ben really came through in the clutch. I hope you guys have the same cell phone service provider.

VinMan said...

Is that PJ's Great Grandfather in the photo?