Saturday, March 7, 2009

America: A Literal Treasure Trove

Well, many of you are probably wondering what Ben and I have been up to since Seton Hall's loss to Lou-al-ville Wednesday night (hi mom and dad!). Realizing that we still had two days in this glorious state of Kentucky before we head to Cincinnati, Ben and I jumped in our rented Chevy Aveo and did the only thing we knew how to do; we Hazarded.  Below is our own highlight reel of our last two days in Kentucky:

- After grabbing a quick morning brew at a local cafe, Ben and I decided to try and wind our way to Fort Knox in an effort to take some gold souvenirs back home.  Wondering why none of the people we met ever suggested we go to Fort Knox, we soon figured out why as 3 armed guards quickly descended upon our Aveo as we entered the post.  Seizing our camera, cardinal head and Gonzo bobble head doll, the guards continued to question us as to why two guys from Jersey would be wondering around Fort Knox. The only two words we could muster were: Seton Hall. 

- Although razzled, the Fort Knox disaster did not deter us and we quickly continued to Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system in the world.  Apparently there are other idiots like us and we even ran into a group of college students on spring break who were taking a road trip exploring caves throughout the midwest...who needs Cancun!?!?

- Starving after exploring the caves, we travelled off the beaten path a bit and ended up in Glendale, KY, population - 300.  You know you're somewhere special when the ice cream parlor doubles as the town's visitor center. 

- Now we all know a Seton Hall trip wouldnt be complete without some sort of gambling, so Ben and I naturally found ourselves at the Horshoe Casino Riverboat in Indiana. Wawa's number came up big for Ben, obviously still riding the high of the previous night's game. Dont worry Vince, the Ritz Casino was ten times better.

- We made a quick stop back to the hotel to freshen up before meeting up with Aimee, the hotel front desk worker who agreed to serve as our tour guide for the night. Riding in her Mitts-ubishi, top down, she took us to the entertainment district of Louisville. Good times were had by all.

- With today being our last day in Kentucky, we knew it had to be jam packed.  Starting the day off at the Louisville Slugger Museum was the only way we knew how to get started.

- Naturally, a trip to Kentucky wouldnt be complete without paying our respects to Daniel and Rebecca Boone in Frankfort. Little did we expect, but we also wound up in a State Senate hearing on energy conservation and the use natural resources. Lets just hope they heard our suggestions from the balcony.

- In a desperate attempt to relive our college years, we continued on to the University of Kentucky in a vain attempt to find the loves of our lives.  We found Rupp Arena instead, which was completely taken over by 605 UK college students who were participating in a 24 hour dance marathon fundraiser. Much to our dismay, Jodie Meeks was no where to be found. Disappointed, but not discouraged, we decided to give it one last go and wound up at a fraternity Beach Party at a local University of Louisville bar.  Unfortunately, I forgot my trunks.  

Well, that's basically what we've been up to. We'll have a report up tomorrow after our post game interview with a random security guard.             


Anonymous said...

During these turbulent economic times, it's such a treat to have Ben and Dave's blogspot; providing us, at least, with a virtual vacation, and a travelogue we can afford, and will treasure forever!

VinMan said...

Wake up Sheriff!

UConnia said...

Dave and Ben: doing their best to promote country wide economic stimulus. Did the guards at Fort Knox give you your stuff back? Did you go to Owensboro??