Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hall Loses to Pitt, Technically

We should have known.

As we waited outside the arena at 7:27, left in the freezing cold by security guards who seemed not to understand the enormity of the night ahead, it was clear this was not going to be easy. As expected, the ceremony for Paul was very nice, and the fans responded with a standing ovation.

By the end of the night, however, we couldn't help but scratch our mitts in confusion. How did we receive three technical fouls, all coming as a result of comments directed to one zebra? How was it possible for our own home court statistician to award 5 steals in the first half to Harvey, but only one to hero-de-noir Paul Gause, who is chasing Seton Hall's all-time theft record?

At one time, the game had looked tantalizingly within reach, but in an instant it became a blow-out. Sam "Forever" Young, with his age-worn visage and leathery mitts, threw down thunderous mid-range jumper after mid-range jumper, paying homage to our own former Pirate great, Brian Laing.

After the game, it was a different story. With everyone gathered in the Ice Lounge, clamoring for a spot near the SNY camera, the atmosphere was electric. Then the players showed up. Garcia and I chilled, discussing our forthcoming trip to KY. Dave and Pete hung out, reviewing calculus problem sets and exchanging Aeropostale coupons. Overall, it was a great opportunity to be with the guys.

So, yes, technically we lost. On three technical fouls.

But in another way, it was a victory. We went down fighting and kicking (and jawing) as usual, just as Paul would have liked.

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Anonymous said...

Actually we had 4 technicals. One counted twice.