Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looking toward next year

After an entire season of looking ahead to next year, we now do the only thing left to do: look ahead toward next year. 

The expectations are high, both for us and the team. Will Herb Pope be the inside presence we've been desperately waiting for? Will I be able to maintain this furious blogging pace while assuring the same literary standard of excellence? Will Keon Lawrence be the same electric scorer that earned him the title of "Neon Pogo Stick." Will Dave ever successfully talk to a woman?

Yes, questions abound. And there are no certainties in life. But this much is clear: next year should be another wild ride. 

Why, you ask??

Oh, just a few reasons...

1) With Big Mel now poised to join the team, Dr. Roboto and Skin will be working around the clock to recruit a tailor skilled enough to create an XXXXXL jersey and matching shorts. And while you're at it, throw in a pair of blue leather driving mitts!

2) Now that Gonzo's been around for a couple years, the fan base is itching for some serious results. Nothing more fun than a little added pressure!

3) With our incoming triumvirate of transfers, what's the impact to our starting lineup? According to John Nash's game theory principles, is it possible that Keon, Harvey and Theodore all cancel each other out, opening the door for the Falcon to swoop in and claim what's rightfully his??

4) Now that the senior cheerleader of my dreams has graduated, who will fill the void? And what about flagman?

5) Last year's November trip meant a Puerto Rico vacation. Don't forget the suntan this time, Brett -- here we come, Alaska shootout!

6) With a number of high-profile Big East stars leaving for the NBDL, is the time poised for Seton Hall to regain its former glory?!?!? Onward Setonia!!!

Yes, it should be a wild, wild ride.


Anonymous said...

#4 makes me sad also!

alan said...

We're confirmed for the Alaska Shootout? I didn't know that. I need to start looking up flights.

Hazard Zet Forward said...

Hold off on the airplane tix for now... Not clear what tournament we're gonna be in for next year, but Alaska would be pretty cool.

Here's my order of preference:

Virgin Islands