Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Formula... For Success??

At Setonia.blogspot.com, Dave and I understand that college basketball is all about student-athletes. While it's easy to focus only on what happens on the basketball court, one can't underestimate the value of walking into the library, sharpening your pencil, and writing a term paper with your very own mitts. It's the very essence of the undergraduate experience.

And while Dave and I tend to be more humanities-focused, given our penchant for exquisitely written blog entries, we recognize that mathematics is also a very important discipline. For that reason, we've cooked up a little mathematical challenge a la "Good Will Hunting" in the hopes that a genius janitor somewhere will rise to the occasion.

With that, we give you the intentionally ambiguously titled Formula For Success:

40 - x/12 = y ; where 250 < x < 400

In this formula, what's x and what's y?

So, any guesses????

We will provide hints as necessary. 


SPK145 said...

x is Melvyn Oliver's weight and y is the number of Seton Hall victories next season.

Anonymous said...

Mel's weight looks right. Maybe y= his minutes played?

I am guessing he comes in at 335 which would get him about 12 minutes? (probably too high though)

Smizzzz said...

Bobby G could land a highly-sought after recruit if he play is cards right. Big story on the kid from St. Ben's on Big East Basketball Report...
Peep it,


Anonymous said...