Friday, April 24, 2009

One Good Hall Deserves Another

Recruiting is a funny game. Despite all the hearsay, you never really know why kids end up where they do. Is it the promise of playing time? A school's academic reputation?

Is it the co-ed betties strategically placed throughout campus in tennis skirts during the official visit?

Is it Dr. Adubato Roboto hiding in the bushes, whispering words of encouragement, waiting with (Epi)pen in hand?

In this case, however, the answer was clear. On Wednesday at 1:30 pm, Ferrakohn Hall declared his intent to attend Seton Hall and it was obvious that the name of the school was a leading factor. Much as Aeneas proved unable to escape his destiny, Ferrakohn decided to accept his fate and choose a university with matching surname. Yes, truly this was a signing written in the stars.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Isn't this incest? Perhaps. But the bottom line is that everyone connected to the SHU program is so excited, nothing else really matters. As an academically strong, top high school prospect from Memphis, Ferrakohn is exactly what the Doctor Roboto ordered. With any bit of luck, he'll blossom into a very solid power forward and go on to a great 4-year career.

So, Ferrakohn, I hope you're listening. We welcome you with open arms.

(Note: the recruitment of Ferrakohn Hall opens the door for Dave's next installment of his "What's in a Name?" series. Stay tuned in the coming weeks.)

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