Monday, October 26, 2009

Gonzo Appeals to Clearinghouse; Wants 6 Starters

Over the past few years, SHU has been something of a household name at the NCAA (Publisher's) Clearinghouse. Just like "Kleenex" or "Burlington Coat Factory." So they must have cringed at little on Sunday when Bobby announced that this year's squad would actually have 6 starters: Harvey, Hazell, Lawrence, Stix, Pope, and Garcia.

Now as even Dave's girlfriend could tell you, basketball is played with only 5 players. So Gonzo's request must have raised quite the proverbial eyebrow.

In truth, it's a testament to the depth of our squad. Everyone had relegated Stix to the bench, until he literally put on a clinic at the actual SHU Clinic, proving to booster club luminaries that he deserved a spot. You're my boy, STIXIE!!

At Setonia, we couldn't be more excited about the caliber of our team this year. And even though we don't expect the Clearinghouse to grant us that 6th starting spot on the floor -- those damned traditionalists!! -- we've got our fingers crossed that good things will befall the Hall.


B. Lerner said...

Wouldn't be the first time the Pirates ran 6 guys to try and win a game (link).

UConnia said...

Does Dave write at all anymore? Or is he more of a special advisor type?