Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Cereal: Cap'n Stix

We just received word that a 3rd captain has been added!! None other than Cap'n Stix!!

At Setonia we feel this is a great choice. Not only is Cap'n Stix high in rich nutrients like teamwork and unselfishness, but it's also a great balance for the two other popular cereal options: Honey Nut Nunu's and Garcia Bone-Flakes.

As his first power move as captain, Stix very graciously volunteered that Herb Pope take his place at Big East Media "My name is Adam Zagoria and I'm suddenly important today" Day. Given all of Herb's off-the-court battles and hard work, Stix thought he deserved to represent the team. You just can't say enough about Sticky Icky.


UConnia said...

Garcia is a very deserving captain. He is the spanish Will Hayes

Mr. Velez said...

oh Seton Hall basketball! I´ve still got a year left down here and rediscovering this blog has made me commit myself to turning the entire nation of Peru in the biggest Hall fans in all of the land. Garcia will be a god.