Monday, October 19, 2009

New Kids on the Block

No, this isn't Step by Step or Hangin' Tough, but Seton Hall is doing it's best Marky Mark impersonation and recently received verbal commitments from two highly touted high school recruits.

DaShaun Wiggins, a 6'2 wing guard from Brewster Academy, and Jesse Morgan, a 6'4 shooting guard from South Kent Prep, are the Hall's latest additions to its proverbial boy band. Wiggins, not to be confused with the much beloved BIG EAST referee Tim Higgins, will do his best to model his game after "Neon" Keon Lawrence and Morgan, who is known by some as "The Takeover," will officially be known from here on out as "Full House."

Looking forward to seeing these newbies at the exhibition game and listening to their falsetto during the national anthem.


UConnia said...

Seton Hall is really flexing its muscle in New England. I heard there is a 6'1" small forward from Wellesley with a few years of eligibility left.

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