Monday, October 12, 2009


By the end of last season, Dave and I were exhausted. We knew we needed to take a break from our beloved blog.

After an entire summer of R & R, our literal lithium batteries are now fully recharged and we're pumped for the year ahead!! So much has changed in the world of SHU basketball... For starters, all of a sudden we're a good team! With the addition of Farrakahn "Genghis" Kahn, Jamel "King of Stop n' Pop" Jackson, plus our well-dressed transfers, and the subtraction of 40 pounds of Mel, we should contend with the big boys of the Big East.

We've signed two Hazell-wannabes in Kung Fuquan Edwin and Jesse "Full House" Morgan. Welcome to you both!

We've given Gonzo an extension and salary raise. "What's that, Kim?? A new living room??"

Of course, there have been updates in our personal lives as well. Summer is the season of love, and Dave succumbed. Leaving me high and dry like a washed out hall-of-fame jersey in the rafters, Dave recently chose to move in with his girlfriend (Lisa) while I found a new apartment for me and my girlfriend (blog).

While the separation has been difficult, we've decided that nothing can come between us and our first passion du' vie: Setonia!! It was in that spirit that we attended last month's incredible Booster Club dinner in South Orange.

Now, these events are great as a way to rekindle friendships. It was a blast seeing Vinny, Dick, Dan, Vince, Professor Ed, Paul, the whole gang! (We'll be starting a SHU Fan of the Month series soon... Stay tuned!!) But perhaps the most surprising aspect of the evening? THE FOOD!!

After three delicious heapings of chicken "Kevin" murphy, as we rode Dr. Adubato's coattails to the front of the line, I thought I was stuffed. Then came the auction!! And wouldn't you know it, Dave won the best prize of all: Romarsi's Basil Sauce!

At first, you might ask yourself, why is Basil Sauce being auctioned at a SHU Booster Club event? Secondly you might ask yourself, what's Basil Sauce if not pesto? The answer? Who knows. But I can tell you this -- Dave and I have been pouring the stuff on everything from Wheaties to Linguini, and it's absolutely delicious.

So, blog, I hope you have enjoyed this nourishment. This season will prove to be another adventure for us two intrepid fans. May the journey begin...


Anonymous said...

Nice to have you guys back!!! this is going to be a great yr for the Hall!! Go Pirates!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out, guys. It was a great evening and good to see all. Remember, no wedding plans during the season!! RFS

Anonymous said...

Great blog guys, I really hope you can make another video of our upset of WVU on CBS!

Check out my Pirate Blog!

wenglesworth said...

is it about damn time you are back

UConnia said...

Welcome back. Looks like you've got some competition now from "Anonymous".

adam.belfer said...

Any advice on how to get to Walsh gym from the city via public transportation? Trying to go to Carlton College and Blue/White Exhibition and don't have car


Anonymous said...


You can take the NJ Transit out to South Orange and walk to campus. Its maybe a mile - mile and half walk...not that bad. Just walk straight along South Orange Avenue.