Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cell Phone Earns 6th Man of the Year Award; Pirates win 87-72

In the rare instance that Ben and I cant make a Seton Hall game (home or away), we usually sulk for a few minutes and begrudgingly turn on SNY to watch our beloved Pirates take the court. When the low budget OOC games aren't televised, we welcome the opportunity to listen to Gary Cohen and Dave "Wonderkid" Popkin do the play-by-play.

However, we were not entirely prepared to handle today's obstacle. For the first time in Seton Hall basketball history, neither Ben or I were able to watch or listen to the game! What were these two intrepid bloggers to do!?!? With literally dozens of avid followers around the world (hola Senor Garcia!), we knew we had to follow the game, one way or another.

Since both of us were returning from weekend commitments, we turned to the only device that we knew would keep us in touch with the game...our cell phones. Hitting refresh multiples times on our cellies, texting each other figurative fist pounds after every basket, and forwarding updates to our fellow booster Vinny, Ben and I were able to keep up with the virtually the entire game. The only thing we missed were Seton Hall's new road unis and a few Gonzo foot stamps.

While blackberrys dont necessarily provide the most colorful picture of the game, regardless of the model you have, it did seem like Hazell was able to find his shooting stroke and His Heighness, Herb Pope, put up one of the monster type games we are all expecting from him. Jackson appeared to light it up from deep when given the chance and the new kid on the block, Genghis Khan, had a solid all around game that will hopefully set the tone for a promising freshman year.

It wasn't ideal, but Ben and I were able to follow the game play by play, thanks to the miracle of the cell phone. Wouldn't Alexander Graham Bell be proud...?

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VinMan said...

Thanks for the updates today fellas.