Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cornell: Scarier than the '96 Bulls?

Sure, those Jordan teams were good. But if you believe the SHU message board hype, they were nothing compared to this year's terrifying Cornell squad!!

Now, when you think of Cornell, hoops might not be top of mind. First, their stellar international relations department. Second, gorges. But third, most definitely third: basketball dominance.

Gosh, if we lose by less than 50, let's consider it a victory! How could we ever hope to keep pace with such athleticism -- an entire Ivy roster full of Konchalski 5 AP Scorers!!

In all seriousness, Dave and I have been thinking quite a lot about this game, and we're not too worried. It's true, this Cornell squad plays solid ball, and away games are scary, but Ivy league fans aren't usually too rowdy -- think a gymnasium full of would-be accountants. And even though Big Red has a good outside shot, expect our own Big Mel and Garcia to clog up the inside like a gorge stuffed with municipal waste. "EPA caught napping on the backdoor feed!!"

Here's really the million dollar question: does Keon play? We have no inside information (damn that Facebook ban!!) but our instinct says no. Let's give him a couple games to resolve all off-the-court issues before re-inserting him in our up-tempo offense. Although we're certainly a stronger team when we have his mid-range game to round out the deep threat of Hazell and Jackson.

Prediction: SHU gets off to a strong start in this game after a dedicated week of practice. Theodore has an extraordinary performance after some sub-par numbers the last two games. Cajuste tours campus and moonlights as keynote lecturer at applied mathematics conference.

Final score: SHU 71 Championship Cornell 64


wenglesworth said...

would be accountants? um please dont alienate your biggest fan (and CPA)

Anonymous said...


Does this blog claim to follow college basketball? Cornell is simply better than Seton Hall. Having the Big East patch on the jersey is not going to win this game, nor is yawning at the opponent from a lesser conference. Simply awful analysis of your opponent.... read some literature, Cornell is loaded; a top-25 calibre team.

Runs with Scissors said...


This is a fun Blog. Chill out dude.

:) If you want controversy, go bang it with Jerry Carino and that crowd.

BTW, where is a good place to get a calzone in Ithica?

Hazard Zet Forward said...

Calzone, huh?? Not sure... but isn't Moosewood supposed to be the best food up there?

Anonymous said...


Cornell is a "loaded, top-25 (and you obviously dont have a Cornell education because it would be top 25)calibre team" like the nard dog is good at selling paper.

PrincetonBall said...


You're right, Cornell is a good team. Far and away the best team in the Ivy. That said, Seton Hall is a better team. Period. I went to Princeton and follow SHU basketball because I'm a big Jersey / college hoops fan.

The only way SHU loses this game is if they haven't been able to gel. Cornell has 4 year returners... lots of them. That will play to their strength.

But at each position (in terms of a match up) Seton Hall is superior. Period.

Should be a fun game - and I believe the Cornell crowd to be very, VERY active. They may be accountants, but they will be up for this game - it's their Super Bowl, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Baskbetball has more Super Bowls than football.

Anonymous said...

1) I don't appreciate the dig at accountants, and

2) The only thing Big Mel is going to clog is the buffet line in the cafereria. He's useless.