Friday, November 13, 2009

Hall Completely Flat; NuNu Wins on a Prayer!!!

We should've known. It was Friday the 13th. It was the first game of the year. And with my benevolent uncle driving Dave and me through Newark in his Nissan, it was destiny.

We had just sped past Don Pepe's, admiring the ornate window guards, when all of a sudden we heard something. Was it the sound of Gonzo foot stamping through the ironbound?? Was it the sound of Big Mel tricycling along the Pulaski?? WRONG! It was the sound of us getting a flat tire!! Hurray!

That tire was a metaphor for our team. In all our years of Hall fandom, never has the team looked flatter. The first half was truly atrocious -- but shockingly, the second half was just as bad. With Keon dressed as Dick Tracy in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the team looked distracted by the intricate tattoo plumage of the St. Peters point guard.

Probably the most abysmal performance of the night was Hazell. Completely out of rhythm, Jeremy played a truly horrendous game. But there was good news!! He qualified for an honorary degree from the SHU Florence Nightingale School of Nursing, as he graciously reached down to massage Pope's cramped hammy. (Umm... don't we have professionals for that??) Hazell and Kwillett will both be receiving their degrees in a special ceremony before the Monmouth game.

But I digress... despite it all, Harvey found a way to win. After receiving tons of criticism for his handling of late game situations, Harvey put up a prayer, and it was answered. With 3 seconds on the clock, Harvey pushed the ball through the net from 25 feet out, giving the Hall the lead and preserving our NCAA dreams (delusions?) alive.

As we drove back into New York, we couldn't believe what we had witnessed. We just sat in the car, shaking and trembling. Even the car was shaking and trembling. It was missing a tire.


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