Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hall Makes Puree of Big Red!!

After watching Theodore the last couple games, I knew he was due. With all the hard work in the offseason, he was bound to start producing. As predicted, JT played an incredible game last Friday, deflating the Cornell faithful and carrying the Hall to victory.

Though the Big Red got off to a solid start, our athleticism proved too much to handle, slicing and dicing them all over the court until they were nothing more than a delicious bowl of Taughannock Farms strawberry soup -- bold menu choice, RFS!! Yes, with the Booster Club there to support, our courageous Pirates couldn't be defeated.

There was however one big loser of the evening: SNY. While I'm appreciative of the opportunity to watch my beloved team from the literal comfort of my actual home, I can't say I was impressed with the broadcast. From the screaming accountant in the background who kept audibly yelling "WHERE WAS THE FOUL?!?!" to the play-by-play guy's incessant Freudian psychoanalysis of Harvey's bench posture, I was less than impressed. Also, the camerawork left a lot to be desired; alternatively, it might qualify for Golden Globe nomination, as I've never seen so many creative cuts and angles! WHAT, POPE IS GOING IN FOR A DUNK?? QUICK, LETS GET A SHOT OF GARCIA'S SHOELACES!!

Despite the Eyes Wide Shut cinematography, I did manage to make a few key game observations:

- We did a great job feeding the post. Unlike so many other games, we established Garcia and Pope on the inside, which opened things up for our perimeter players.

- Now that we have forwards who can dunk, we need to get better at the alleyoop pass. JT threw one a mile too high, and Harvey has missed a ton as well -- it's such an exciting play when executed properly.

- Can't say enough about Fero Hall. Like the endive at the Ithaca farmers' market, this kid is organically grown. Those Tennessee coaches really did a great job, because he has a very natural feel for the game.

- Jamel didn't play very much, but when on the floor, he didn't play very well. Missing two of three free throws isn't really acceptable as a reserve guard, nor is chucking up a 3 pointer with a second left and the game in hand.

- Stix is a junkyard dog, and I absolutely love it. Instead of diving for a loose ball, he chose to sit on a Cornell player's face. Fortunately, Stix only weighs 3.6 British stones.

Well, great win, and awesome defensive intensity. Proves that when we're pumped and prepared to play, we can be an extraordinary team. Also, thanks to Vinny for the Booster Club text updates!! Sorry Dave and I couldn't be there, fellas, but let's just say we're already picking out our hibiscus swim suits for the Virgin Islands!!


SHUreBall said...

Fero is a ferocious frosh!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note about the TV - that was not an SNY production, it was Time Warner Cable Syracuse that SNY picked up. I agree the camera angles were bad and the announcers were HS level at best but I began to really enjoy the "Where is the foul" calls by the derranged upstater!

Anonymous said...

Donald Copeland was a master of alley oop passes to Laing.


Anonymous said...

We certainly missed you guys. I hope you can make it Saturday, unless of course you have to attend another close friends wedding! Yes Vinny was basically your sideline reporter until his battery ran out. I almost called him Erin. We will fill you in on Sat.. Did he mention Creme Brulee!

Anonymous said...

Don't know what to bring for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Maybe I'd make the Strawberry soup, if you would please post the recipe. . .