Friday, November 6, 2009

Seton Hall 2.0

While Ben and I are not the most technologically savvy bloggers out there, we have managed to navigate Blogspot with considerable ease (thanks Larry and Serge!). Ever since the first blog entry, we were able to figure out how to copy and paste ridiculous pictures from the internet, create polls to ask our "audience," and post hillarious pictures from our recent road trips.

Channeling our inner Lewis and Clark, we decided to push the envelope and venture into unchartered waters. Wondering what more there was to social media, we took the plunge and literally dribbled into the last frontier...Twitter!

Now you can get all your Seton Hall news bites 24 hours a day in 140 words or less! We're not sure exactly what will come of our twitter account, but be sure to check us out at @setoniablogspot! See you in cyperspace!

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