Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks to you, Seton Hall!!

As Thanksgiving approaches, I would be remiss if I didn't express my gratitude. Pirates fans certainly have a lot to be thankful this year. So, with Dave still out of the country, grapevining with his lady across Europe like a young Dogus Balbay (did anyone watch him last night -- incredible!!) I figured it was time for a sincere, holiday-themed post. So here goes:

I'm thankful that we have two incredible point guards.

I'm thankful that our players desperately want to win, and have a coach who pushes them to achieve.

I'm thankful that we beat St. Peters, barely.

I'm thankful that John Garcia returned to play another year.

I'm thankful that Keon survived the car crash with his life, as did the other injured driver -- I'm hopeful that he learns to be more responsible as a result.

I'm thankful that Stix brings his best effort every night.

I'm thankful that the school awarded Professor Cajuste tenure.

I'm thankful that the Booster Club is such a welcoming community.

I'm thankful that Hazell continues to work hard on his game, rather than just resting on his laurels.

I'm thankful that our team plays in a first-class arena, although I wish it were on campus.

I'm thankful that Hall committed here, as his upside is huge.

I'm thankful that we have Herb Pope, because without him, we're not very good.

And lastly, I'm thankful for tomorrow's meal!! Which gets me thinking, how does our starting line-up compare with tomorrow's buffet menu?

Hazell: Definitely turkey. At the center of it all, goes with everything, best served piping hot (12 of 25), less good when served cold (0 of 10)

Stix: Mashed potatoes. Classic blue collar, roll up your sleeves, middle America. Oh you just finished gathering rebounds in a coal mine? Here, have some mashed potatoes. Love that guy.

Harvey: Gravy. Smooth, silky. An assist to any meal. May occasionally dribble onto the tablecloth - whoops!

Theodore: Cranberry Sauce. Sweet, tangy, and full of pep! Oh, wait, the tryptophan making you drowsy??? Here, have a shot of Cranberry Sauce!!

Pope/Garcia/Mel: Stuffing. Good, hearty, and clogs up your middle. Provides the necessary weight and size. Everything tastes better with stuffing!!

Fero: Pumpkin pie! What a treat! I wasn't even expecting dessert!! How thoughtful of you! And so versatile!

Well SHU nation, have a great holiday and remember the neediest!

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Anonymous said...

Leave us not forget Thanks also to B & D, for sharing their "tasty leftovers" (my vote for best part of the Thanksgiving meal), for us to enjoy and savor long after the Holiday gatherings have concluded.

Happy Holiday to All!