Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hall Marches All Over VMI; Wins 134-107

The weather reporters called for a cold, wintry afternoon. Well, how wrong they were. Seton Hall was hotter than ever and Lil' Mel and Hazell made it rain as they scored 40 and 33 points respectively, accounting for more than half of Seton Hall's 134 points.

Seton Hall exploded offensively, scoring the most points in school history. JJax also set a new school record for 3 pointers made, shooting an unconscionable 12 of 15 from deep. His Holiness recorded his fifth straight double-double, Big Mel scored eight of the softest points imaginable for a 400 pound man, and Sticky-Icky twirled in 3-Stixies around his defenders en route to 18 points.

On the other hand, freshman phenom Fero continued his athletic, yet somewhat spastic play, but might be developing a dangerous case of Mike Davis-itis as he struggles to control the basketball at times. And Gonzo showed that he has still not perfected his secret sign language to the players as he was seen practicing a series of odd, baby-like hand gestures to the crowd. If I understood him correctly, he was saying something to the effect of give the ball to Jeremy and Jamel and let the m shoot. Smart play calling, Bobby!

All in Hall, it was a rather exciting and memorable afternoon. We came out with the firepower of the Maccabee army, and continued shooting until the last missed three by Fero Hall. Just imagine how many points we would have scored with Keon and JRob in the game? I guess we'll just have to wait until next week to find out...

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