Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hall Victorious In Battle 94-56; Armed to Attack WVU

Is it wrong that Ben and I felt a twinge of remorse as we watched our beloved Pirates squash Navy? I mean, after all, they do protect our fair shores, and SHU isn't that far from the Atlantic. Anyway, after taking a day of mourning to reflect on the loss of the Midshipmen, we decided it was OK to move full steam ahead and continue the insurgency against West Virginia. With Drill Seargent Gonzo - and trusty Captain1111 - at the helm, Seton Hall will roll into Saturday's critical matchup against West Virginia with all the ammo necessary...and hopefully a few bullet proof vests as well.

Now Ben and I have visited Morgantown. We've seen this WVU team up close and personal. And we've also hung out with Bob Huggins at the Morgantown Waterfront Hotel bar on the night before game day, securing his autograph on the back of our electronic room key. Thank God for Sharpies! But here's the point: this WVU team is good. They rebound at all positions and they're a good passing team.

For us to vanquish this squad, we'll depend heavily on our fastest fleet, i.e. Eugene, Theodore and Keon. Truck Bryant is good, but he doesn't scare us as much as Butler, Ebanks and Smith, who had his best game ever yesterday against Ole Miss. If we can distribute the ball from the point position, win the turnover battle, and penetrate from the corners, we just might make this one interesting. And of course, Herb will need to play his perfect game.

The question will be, can our players handle the big stage? CBS couldn't spell SHU with a Bob Huggins sharpie, so you can bet the announcers won't know Mel from Darnell. Our guys need to come out with that warrior spirit... they can't be tight.

Let's just call this one Operation Mountaineer.

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Who is Captain1111?