Sunday, January 10, 2010

Born Premature; Hazell Owns Lance

With Dave off skiing the Colorado slopes with his lady love (soooo PAC 10!!) the burden falls on me alone this week to sum up last night's battle with Cincy. In short, it was a great game. Along with my trusty father filling in for my intrepid partner, we watched as the Hall finally came together to get a critical W in the Big East. Chest bump, JPurk Sr!!

There were a number of memorable offensive plays last night. After Stanley "The Manly" Robinson threw down thunderous alleyoops against us last week, the Hall flexed our own dunking muscle yesterday, with both Fero and Hazell pulling off some sweet fastbreak jams!! The Hazell dunk was particularly sweet, as Jeremy's feet got tangled up with a Cinci player's face. You could literally hear the Frenchmen in the audience shudder, recalling terrifying memories of Frederic Weis!!

Even more stunning, we executed offensively at the free throw line. Herb was cool as a cucumber, knocking down a clutch 1 and 1, and Jeff Robinson also hit some critical charity shots late. Nice to see the Beast getting fed.

But the best plays of the night came on the defensive end. With Adam Zagoria literally bricking his Wesleyan education to change Lance's every diaper during his recruitment, Jeremy Hazell reminded everyone why he's maybe even more talented. Last night, Hazell pretty much owned Lance, not just because he nailed some sick 3's in Lance's grill, but he prevented Lance from getting into a rhythm, or should I say, N Sync. In the second half, Lance played a little better, but it was great to see Hazell focus and win the defensive battle. A win for Backstreet!

Also, another great defensive effort from, you guessed it, Mr. Theodore. Vaughn had been literally raining down 3's like his long-lost cousin Jacques from Kansas when all of a sudden Jordan enters the game and contests his every shot. You just can't say enough about how Jordan impacted that game yesterday. Sorry, guys, don't want to stir the pot... but he sure looks like a starter to me.

Okay, well it's time to get packing! After Dave returns from his Chase Budinger-esque slalom vacation, we're heading down to DC for the Gtown game and a little Smithsonian gallivanting!!


VinMan said...

Ben, your take on JT is dead on my friend.

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