Friday, January 22, 2010

Cardinal Caged! Hall Wins, Naughtily!

With Naughty by Nature sitting courtside, the Hall won in dramatic fashion last night, sending Pitino back to Louisville with a scarlet "L." Jeff Robinson in particular seemed to feed off the energy of the 90's rap troupe, throwing down a couple absolutely naughty jams that even made Rich Eisen question his hasty departure from SportsCenter.

But the evening belonged to -- you guessed it -- Jordan Theodore. After months of Dave and me petitioning, calling Gonzo at all hours of the night, our coach finally got the message, giving the starting nod to the kid from Englewood. You see, it's not that Harvey is bad at all... He had some great passes last night! But this needs to be Theodore's team. And the time is now. It's the energy he brings, his charisma, his ability to drive at will, his incredible defense. Once he starts finishing consistently, he'll be unstoppable. BY NATURE!

Hazell scored a "free market"-like efficient 25 points, and Keon finally helped himself out of his funk. Score one for Libertarianism and Rugged Individualism! In fact, the entire starting 5 played beautifully... although I think Gonzo was right. We have 6 starters. They're just different than the ones we originally thought. They are:


When we play a guard-dominant team that presses like Louisville, Stix should sit. We need the extra ball-handler in Keon.

When we play a post-dominant team like UCONN, Lawrence should sit. We need the added height and rebounding of Stix.

Overall, Gonzo did a job last night with the rotation. We finally played with some cohesion. Still, we have a couple critiques:

- Fero has to play a little more; give Pope some rest and get the kid some PT.

- Don't understand sitting Theodore in the final 2 minutes; you could tell JT didn't want to come out and was surprised that Gonzo was going with Harvey.

- Thought putting Pope back in with more than 4 minutes left was a bit early. Debatable, but I liked how Fero was playing.

Back to the entertaining stuff... here are a few things you might have missed last night:

- The old ref tripping on the sideline. Whoever stuck out an ankle -- so Naughty!

- Big Mel dancing in the huddle during the warm-up song.

- Harvey engaging the ref in a staring contest after Jerry Smith pushed off him. No blinking!!

In conclusion, great win. But Pitt is just as critical...

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UConnia said...

Rick Pitino has been a little busy lately trying to disprove those fabrications that came out on the day that Ted Kennedy died. Total fabrications. Lies. Lies. Lies.