Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The "Hall" on Washington; Looking Ahead to Louisville

After last week's crushing defeat to Georgetown, Dave and I did what any patriotic fans would do. We walked the mall of our nation's capitol, likening each building to a different player.

The Washington Monument -- Jeremy Hazell

At the center of it all, this one gets the most attention. Visible for miles, old Washington can be seen for a range that extends beyond even the arc of the Beltway. But might it also be the most one-dimensional??

The Jefferson Memorial -- Jeff Robinson

Jefferson Robinson, or JROB JR, is as much a renaissance man as he is beast. Even with only a few games under his Heavyweight belt, JROB has proven he can shoot, drive, post up, rebound, defend, pass, block -- a little bit of everything. And his breakaway dunks are enough to topple even Monticello.

The Lincoln Memorial -- Jordan Theodore

In a time of great crisis, Lincoln found a way to bring the union together. Well, as our own team confronts the constant threat of secession, Jordan is the guy to help us persevere and stick together. He's a strong leader, and his arms are more chiseled than Abe's chin.

Capitol Building -- Eugene Harvey

As our senior captain, Nunu gets a lot of attention. But we're just not sure how much is actually getting done. Some moments of brilliance mixed in with pork-barrel decision-making... Looks like Gonzo may be starting a filibuster.

The Smithsonian -- John Garcia / Mel Oliver

Gotta love the size, but it's a little overwhelming. Dave and I got lost in the prehistoric fish section for 3 hours! Would like to see this museum slim down a little and focus on more nimble exhibits.

WWII Memorial -- Keon Lawrence

This memorial is new to the mall, and really incredible, but it just doesn't fit in quite yet. Still, there's a ton of potential here, and in time it will be a critical piece.

The White House -- Herb Pope

Everything important begins and ends here. It's what makes the whole system run -- or not run. In these challenging times, we need leadership by example.

Columns of the Fed Building -- Stix's Legs

Skinny and narrow, these things literally support the weight of the tumbling economy. Tons of pressure without much thanks, Stix is willing to put this team on his back.


Okay, enough political chatter! Let's think about Louisville, shall we?

All eyes will be centered on -- you guessed it -- Mr. Rainmaker Hazell. It was his scoring outburst two years ago that defeated Pitino's Cardinals and thrust Hazell into the spotlight of YouTube. (Ahem... you're welcome.)

This game comes at a fascinating time for Jeremy. He'll no doubt be eager to put big numbers in front of a national audience against a team he owned last time at the Rock. On the other hand, he's been criticized for taking too many shots during the Hall's recent freefall. How will he respond? Will Gonzo bench him for such a Cardinal sin??

We will wait and see. In the meantime, if I may, this is the line-up I want to start. Everyone has an opinion; here's mine:

Theodore (Lincoln)
Hazell (Washington)
Stix (Fed Columns)
Robinson (Jefferson)
Pope (White House)


Anonymous said...

That is the exact starting 5 I want to see. Jeff Robinson deserves more time. Theodore is a better decision maker at the point than Harvey. Stix is a good defender and has a nice Inside/Out game.

Gotta get this win tonight.

UConnia said...

Great "Seton Hall Jews" article. Very well written as always. Although, I find it a little incongruous that two Jewish people would think it strange to find themselves rooting for a catholic school's basketball team. College basketball is almost a separate facet of a university these days and doesn't much reflect the school's religious affiliation. Moreover, if you were only choosing Jewish schools to support, you would be hard pressed to find a powerhouse program these days!