Friday, January 29, 2010

Holden Everything! Hall Loses (Innocence)

Well, JD Salinger is dead. RIP. And lying right next to him, just faintly breathing, is our dream of a postseason berth.

In a way, it's a fitting tribute to one of the most captivating American authors of all time. SHU fans were riding high. We had just beaten Louisville. Just beaten Pitt. Dave and I were excited like little children, giggling in a field of poppies and Cinderella pumpkins.

But, you see, childhood can't last forever. And yesterday was our coming-of-age. With the ball dribbling off Mitchell's left Stick, and tears dribbling from my literal eyes, I watched as my innocence imploded. This loss truly took the "boost" out of us Boosters.

Can we come back? Sure. We match up well against Nova, and an upset isn't out of question. In my post-game FB chat with Keon, I told him I wanted at least 3 blocks against Reynolds. Can it happen? Maybe. But the truth remains: our wide-eyed optimism is gone.

Why did we lose? Too many reasons to mention. Admittedly, give USF credit for making some impossible shots. But, for STARTERS, why did we change ours?? The lineup was finally working, Gonzo! Why mess with a good thing?

Also, JROB was a beast in the first half. Why doesn't he see more time?

And Pope needs more rest -- it's unfathomable to expect him to play so hard for so long. Fero needs more touches!

And our offensive reverted back to its old ways. Out of synch, without much sense of purpose.

Perhaps Holden said it best:

"I don't even know what I was running for - I guess I just felt like it."

Well said, comrade. Well said.


VinMan said...

Is Ed "Too Tall" Jones really too tall?

Anonymous said...

Your posting was pure poetry. . .

"Dave and I were excited like little children, giggling in a field of poppies and Cinderella pumpkins. . ."

Unfortunately, Gonzo doesn't read poetry, so he certainly is not going to adopt any of your excellent suggestions.

We've all lost our innocence with this team but let's not lose Hope.