Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Inman Continues; Use of Deer Metaphor!

Jr Inman responds to critics:

Ok so it is obvious that many who read my notes feel as they need to respond on the message board with many negative comments. Let me clear up a couple of grey areas...

1. My Grammer. Facebook is a social website designed to enable people to communicate through informal means. Many readers insult my intellect stating that there might have been some errors that need correction. Well, I'm sorry I don't have a portable spell checker to travel with me and correct my vocabulary everytime I want to write a note down. Besides, how many CEO's in corporations even write there own documents. In fact, most corporate buisnesses have secretary's that review each and every document to make sure they're absolutely no mistakes. Besides, how many basketball players do you know of that can sit down and write any type of document without calling for the help of a tutor, girlfriend, or coach to do it for them.

2. Me being a "Thug". Wow when i read this one i couldn't stop laughing. I have never been called a thug but just so all of you know I come from an upper middle class neigboorhood in upstate New York. I wake up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping, and deer feasting from the plants in my mother's front yard. Does this imagery sound the least bit of the "Thug Life" I don't think so. If some of you were referring to how I say certain things let me educate you. I took a class my senior year at Rutgers called "Intercultural Communication". During this coarse we learned many things. One of the things that was very interesting to me was the topic of "Black English Vernacular". This phrase simply means that historically, in the African American household we are socialized to learn the English language alittle different than the traditional "American English" or "Old English". These differences do not mean that us African Americans are ignorant. It's simply a different form of how we communicate with each other. In today's society, America has labeled this form of english as "Ebonics". I do no subscribe to the use of this language as a formal way of communicating however, I do feel that it is important to understand the principles of our heritage.

3. My Time at RU... I Love Rutgers. I bleed scarlet. During my time at Rutgers I certaintly was no angel. I did many things that I am proud of as well as things that I am not. I am in know way, shape, or form blaming anyone for how my career turned out at Rutgers. Sometimes I think maybe I should have transfered when Coach Waters left. For those of you who are wondering why I didn't I will let you know. First of all, my parent's always told me once you start something you must finish. After I signed my letter of intent, i felt obligated to fullfill my contract. When Coach Waters was dismissed I told myself that know matter how tough things got, that I would finish. I wanted to earn my degree from an academically prostegious University. My Academics were always important to me. My Grandfather was a factory worker for over 25 years. he came home everyday smelling like oil and machinery. When my father tells me of his stories it motivates me everyday to use what God gave me which is a gift of knowledge and understanding. This is what motivated me to stay at Rutgers even after it was announced that Gary Waters would not be returing the following year. Even though, we did not have winning seasons my sophmore, junior and senior year i still overall enjoyed my experience. I took Lance Thomas around on his official visit at Rutgers. He loved the school, loved the players on the team. Among other reasons, his main reason for no coming to Rutgers was because his advisors did no like the way the Rutgers Administration handled the discharge of Gary Waters. Furthermore, I ran into Jeff Robinson (top 50 player in the nation out of highschool) in the back of the Rac one day and he two told me himself that he did no come to Rutgers because they fired Gary Waters. Eugene Harvey who is at Seton Hall, probably would have came to Rutgers if his fellow teammate Lance would have came. They visited RU together. Imagine a team featuring, Anthony Farmer,Mike Rosario, Jaron Griffin, Jeff Robinson, Eugene Harvey, Lance Thomas, Hamade(Forgive my spelling H), and myself, with the support of a few role players like Pat Jackson and so on. With an experienced Coach like Coach Waters directing our path I think we can all agree that we would have been an NCAA competitor.

3. My Suspension. Ok I will say it once more and once more only. I was suspended from competition for failing a drug test my Junior year at Rutgers. I used Marijuana to help me focus on my studies as well as block out all the negativity that was coming in from the media and other sources. I would sometimes study for hours after practice in my room and I felt as if weed helped me concentrate. This is no justification for my actions. It is simply an explanation. I am man enough to admit that I did the wrong thing so for that I am not angry that I was suspended. What anger's me was the fact and I quote from Fred Hill Himself that "9 others on my team failed at least 1 drug test that year". I will never call out names because the intention of this is not to embaress anybody. Does that seem fair to you? That out of 9 people, only two were accounted for (Jaron Griffin, and Jr Inman). If you have rules in place, than everyone should be accounted for not some. That is what made me the most salty.

4. Coach Fred Hill.
he is recieving a lot of pressure right now so i will take it easy on him. For the most part, his lack of success is not his fault. He was placed in a position to do something that he is incapable of doing. Someone tell me the last time you saw a rookie coach take over a program in the best conference in the country and succeed. that stuff does not happen. When your going up against the best coaches in the country every night, eventually experience and strategy start to wear you down. The criticism comes in with his lofty expectations he placed on himself and the program. i remember numerous times of Coach Hill speaking about winning a Big East Championship. This is when the problem arises. When you say those type of things publically people start to invision excactly what you say. When things don't turn out the way people think they should, than they start to critique. If Coach Hill would not have put hope in peoples eyes that he could be the person to turn the program around, than he wouldn't have had the extra pressure on him.

5. Coach Waters Vs. Coach Hill

Coach Waters was a stickler. He use to joke on his players and many times he would make you feel really small. That was just his style. On the other hand, he was a motivator and a God Fearing Man. When he was speaking to you, you really felt that he wanted the best for you. Ok so maybe we were not a top 25 team in the country during his reign but we were on our way.Give him an extra year or two and I promise you we would be looking at a different representation of Rutger's Men's basketball.

Coach Hill is a great recruiter cause he is a great bullshitter. He is extremely good at swindling his words to convince you that what he's saying is right. This will get player's there but after that everything else is down hill. He does not build relationships with his players off the court nor does he even try to. Ask any of the players that are currently playing for him what they think about there coach off the court. They will tell you, they don't even really know him. Coach Waters Coached me for 1 year, Coach Hill 3 years and I know far more things about Coach Waters Personality and life outside of basketball than I do Hill.

Well I gotta go I have a game in a few hours so to all my reviewers good and bad I love you. remember Negative Publicity is still publicity. Feel free to keep coming at me with your deplore comments on the RU Message Board.

With Peace, Love, and happiness,
Jr Inman

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