Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No Cancun Do; Ha(ze)ll Loses Again

Dave and I spent a long time debating what to write after the Va Tech debacle. At first, we wanted to pound the keyboard with a series of expletives. Then, we thought something more Zen-like would be better. Something to make sure Kwillett and the rest of the Boosters keep breathing. But after all that, we decided on something far more honest: straight-up literary realism. (Um... thank you, Borges.)

We're just not a good team yet. Is it the end of the world? No. But it does get a little disheartening to watch a team to which you've dedicated practically your entire life keep coming up short. Strike that. We're not yet a team. We're not even the Hall. We're Ha(ze)ll. A one-man show masquerading as a half-court set with our Eyes Wide Shut on defense.

Heck, should we blame Jeremy? No, not really. The guy makes unbelievable shots, and it's a pleasure to watch him hang in the air on his drives. What an athlete! He deserves our praise. And I actually don't think he's a selfish player. I just think others are too afraid to assert themselves, particularly late in games, and we don't have plays that effectively get them involved or rightly utilize their strengths. The result? The Nets led by Sam Cassell.

Is Gonzo coaching well? Honestly, no. But that's never why we liked him. He's a fiery, passionate, plain-old gonzo... well, Gonzo. He won't change being who he is now. Still, he needs to continue learning and improving just as his players must.

Listen: Dave and I fell in love with Seton Hall as a matter of choice. We didn't attend the school. We're not even Catholic! (Although technically, I'm half.) We chose to devote ourselves to the Hall because we love an underdog with heart. When a guy like Stix, who was barely recruited, takes a charge against Louisville. When a guy like Pope, who's faced more adversity than anyone should, rebounds from a tough upbringing by grabbing every opportunity in sight. And gets dirty doing it. It's about Jordan Theodore, one of the smaller guys in the Biggest of conferences, who makes up for it by working out in the gym till the lights turn off and the janitors need him out so they can sanitize the place with Purel.

It's about a bunch of guys working together because they can't do it alone. Sweating hard. Playing tough. Having fun.

That's the team we love. That's the Hall. It's not Ha(ze)ll.

UCONN on Wed.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back B&D. This was a posting well-worth waiting for. Hope the Pirates "Get off the Schneid" tonight in Storrs!

Anonymous said...

Well Said Guys!! Was it more fun when it was six guys who knew their place and role? I think so.
I think the Cub fans know that scenario and it works for them. I'm just disapointed in all the hype that I bought in to. Oh well.
Let get UConn tonite! RFS

Anonymous said...

Just started reading your blog a few months ago.

First, I agree with your comments on the state of the team 100%. The Pirates are currently operating in Spring Training Mode from the coach on down to the bench.

Second, I'm very surprised to hear that you guys didn't attend Seton Hall. So, I'm even more impressesed with the amount of passion you guys have in following this (as of late) tough-luck program.

Keep up the good work gentlemen, and Go Pirates!

Boston Pirate Fan

Anonymous said...

For those who want to see what Huskies' rooters are reading, this excerpt from the Huskies' Blog today at Blogs.courant.com.

Calhoun on UConn's approach: "I think we have to control the game, not make it a real loose game. If it's a loose game, they thrive on that. They steal the ball, run, put a lot of pressure on you. It's very important for us to get control. We're not going to be Georgetown. That's not how we play. But I think there will be times where we don't want to get into a real loose, up-and-down game."

Calhoun continued, "In this league it always seems that the team that needs to win -- Seton Hall is not going to go away - seems to be able to put forth a great effort. It doesn't mean they're going to win. We have something to say about that. But over the years it seems that when a team is desperate, a good team, with their back to the wall, they get a win. That's the scariest part. They're going to be very hungry. ... They're good. They're trying to find themselves right now. If they find themselves on Thursday, it would be great. Thursday's a good day for them to find themselves."

GO PIRATES! ! ! ! !