Monday, February 15, 2010

Hall Uses "Head" to Beat Depaul

Seton Hall has been accused of not playing smart basketball this season. Well, we certainly used our head in this one!

Let's start with the racially ambiguous Bobby G bobblehead. Handed out to fans like x-mas presents in February, these must-haves really were quite shocking. Nothing like receiving a box adorned with a blonde-haired coach only to unwrap a figurine of SNL's Obama impersonation. Talk about change we can believe in! (A quick tip... If you pull the string on the back of Gonzo's suit, you can hear the bobblehead mutter "That's right, Fooch" while nodding furiously.)

But that wasn't the only head that got attention on Sunday. A slight modification to the halfcourt hardwood logo increased the size of the Pirate head by a significant magnitude. While a bit over-the-top for my liking, the gigantic Pirate head is a little better than the other proposed alteration... namely, a huge profile of Jeremy's dome marked with an X like a treasure map and the words "Follow Hazell" inscribed on each yellow-brick path.

Amidst it all, there was also some heady play. JRob had a smart game and was very efficient offensively. And even Gonzo used his head when he removed Pope late for foul shooting reasons. He also finally inserted the line-up we've been clamoring for: Theodore, Hazell, Stix, JRob, Pope. It was probably the best two minutes we've played all year. Overall, we rotated well and it was nice to see Fero get consistent minutes.

Well, let's hope we bring our A Brain against St. Johns, because that's a win we absolutely need.


UConnia said...

the Pirates should adopt the creamsicle Buccaneers logo and unis. That would really shake things up

Anonymous said...

What, no mention of Big Mel's playtime?