Friday, February 12, 2010

Luck of the Pirates; Hall Wins 90-87

Last night was a rather unusual night. Ben got stuck at work and had to literally swim his way through brands in order to find the door and I had the distinct pleasure of taking care of my fair lady after a bad spill on the ice yesterday morning (I keep telling her that if she is going to go in for the hip check, she should always wear a helmet...but she just doesnt want to listen). With that being said, there was abolutely zero Setonia coverage at a game that Seton Hall desperately needed.

Except, there was. Thanks in part to a series of texts from Vinman, subliminal messages from Gary Cohen and Wonderboy Popkin, and a well timed Jerry Walker leg extension to trip up Luke Harangody, Setonia was there in full force - represented well throughout the diverse cross-section of fans. And of course, last night's success would not have been possible if it weren't for Mike Lazardis and John McCain, co-founders of the modern day blackberry! Thanks JMac!

So thank you to all those who kept us in the loop and for playing your part in a much needed Seton Hall victory. Oh, and thank you to J'zell for getting hot at the right time and Nunu for showing your senior leadership. And to Gonzo for not getting any technical fouls. And to Tim Abromaitis and Carleton Scott for missing wide open three's at the end of the game...we definitely owe you guys one!

Maybe, after all, it's better to be lucky AND good than just plain old lucky. Now, on to Sunday and the race to see who can be the first in line to get the Bobby Gonzalez bobble head doll...

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Pico said...

Hey - if you two want to do a pregane Q and A before the St. John's game, let me know (preferably today). I've been doing 'em with most of the other Big East bloggers. Let me know.

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