Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No, Thank you!

After sorting through our fan mail this afternoon, I came across this letter from one of our loyal supporters:


My name is Chris Maillet and I own We're a small
company trying to compete in the crazy world of sports retail. I'm a
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Chris Maillet,

So for all those looking to do a little sporting goods shopping, be sure to check out Chris' online store.

Also, stay turned for further recruiting updates; an inside source tells me there is news to come.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Recruitment Update

With the signing period well underway, Dave and I realized we needed to provide our loyal readers with a recruitment update. So, without further ado…

The Definites

Jordan “Big Stick Diplomacy” Theodore –

Depending on who you ask, Jordan is either the best point guard in the state, or an overrated, undersized shorty. But here’s what we do know: he led his Paterson Catholic team to a very respectable record, with a couple big wins out of state, and his work ethic is undeniable. The kid is determined to get better, and he is very quick off the dribble. Needs to work on his jumper desperately – otherwise you can expect our Smith & Wesson backcourt to be misfiring all season.

Melvin “Moby Dick” Oliver –

Affectionately called “Biggie” by some, this guy is a beast. At 6’11’ and 340 pounds, this guy is a throwback to when the SUV was actually popular. Every scouting report suggests that he has very good hands for a big man, and can pass well from the top of the key, but conditioning will tell the story. If he can trim 30 pounds, we expect he could have a real impact. If not, it’s the white whale all over again.

The Possibles

Chris Turner –

After de-commiting from Oregon State, Turner is at the top of many coaches’ metaphorical wishlists. At 6’5’’, Turner is a skilled shooting guard with a good deal of athleticism. The question mark for him is grades – apparently, his scores on the analogy section leave a lot to be desired. (Fact: the SAT Verbal Section will no longer include analogy questions after 2009.)

“Crazy Old” Maurice Sutton –

What’s the deal with this guy?? Is he coming to Seton Hall or not?? At 6’11’, he needs to put on some weight to be effective in the post, but apparently Indiana thought enough of him to offer a scholarship. Originally from Newark, Sutton would be crowned a hometown hero.

The No Chances

Gary “May” Flowers –

Spring is in the air, but not for this JUCO power forward. Even though he would get immediate playing time at the Hall, his JUCO coach is persuading him to stick around for another year. Hey, JUCO coach! Can you spell “ulterior?”

Well, that’s the recruiting update for now. We’ll keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Biggie Alive and Well!!

While their silky rhymes and smooth delivery might not be the same, Seton Hall has found the next best thing in their recent signing of Mississippi B.I.G man Melvin “Biggie” Oliver. The 6’11, 340 lb center will join St. Augustine Okosun, Michael Davis, and Johnny Garcia as part of a four-headed monster under the basket for the Hall.

The B.I.G man, who fielded interest from Baylor, Nebraska and USC, looks to add some much needed size to the 2008-2009 Pirates squad. Originally from Los Angeles, California, the coaching staff and administration can only hope that an East Coast-West Coast feud doesn’t break out, reminiscent of the Tupac-Biggie rivalry of yesteryear.

Oliver, who will join the pint-sized point guard recruit, Jordan Theodore, helps to solidify an up and down off-season for the Hall. A spring that has already seen the transfer of Larry Davis and the potential firing of Head Coach Bobby Gonzalez, has been anything but easy as we had to say good-bye to senior stalwarts, Brian Laing and Jamar Nutter. However, Oliver has now helped take a team that was alarmingly undersized just a year ago and has tipped the scales to favor the big men.

Still, there’s some concern – might this be a case of Oliver…Twist?!?!?!? At 340, it’s hard to believe that Oliver will be able to keep up with the pace of Big East ball. Also, he still has a number of exams to pass before he is considered eligible. Unusual to see such a talent hold out this long – we’re just a little worried that there might be more to Oliver than meets the literal eye.

Nevertheless, any news is good news these days. Kudos to Bobby G. and the coaching staff and we are all looking forward to hearing more good news in the days to come.

Monday, April 21, 2008


During the Passover seder, everyone sings a song entitled “Dayeinu” as a way of expressing gratitude for the Lord’s generosity during our time in bondage. Translated from the Hebrew, “dayeinu” means “enough” – the idea is this: if the Lord had only shown half as much generosity, it would have sufficed.

On this, the second day of the Passover festival, Dave and I decided to make a pilgrimage. Unbelievable as it may seem, Dave had actually never set foot on Seton Hall’s glorious campus – like the land of Canaan, it was a mere far-away dream world for him. But today, that all changed. Touring around campus, we checked out the grounds, the beautiful dormitories. We drove down dead-ends, and performed K-turns, flawlessly. All-in-all, a wonderful experience! Dayeinu!!

But of course, the Pope’s visit would prove major dividends for us, as on this day, we struck true holiness – we actually ran into Okosun!! He was walking into Walsh Gym, carrying a basketball, listening to his iPod (shuffle?!?!?!?!)

Now, for those who don’t know, Okosun is pretty much our favorite player. His work ethic is unparalleled, and his patriotism, inspiring. There is no one I wanted to see more than my good (Facebook) friend, Augustine Okosun. So when we spotted him entering the gym, we had to follow.

Unfortunately, neither of us have swipe access. After ruminating for a while in the lobby, catching our breath, we decided to call it quits. As we were leaving, however, we noticed an open door on the side of building. Following the school motto (Hazard Zet Forward) we chose to “Hazard,” making our way boldly into the athletic center.

We desperately tried to find the gymnasium, but it was no avail. We kept finding ourselves getting lost in random corridors that led to nowhere, not unlike Seton Hall’s recruiting efforts with local four-star prospects. Our dream of practicing footwork with the big man, perhaps even lobbing alleyoop passes, trading smiles, laughs, was sadly not to be. Ultimately, we got trapped in a stairwell, leaving us with no choice than to leave through the emergency exit, activating the “alarm” as we fled like young rams. (2:13)

When we reached the car, we pretty much broke down and cried. I was physically exhausted, and Dave was overcome with emotion. When Dave said the word “emotion,” it sounded to me like “Okosun.” When I said, “Let’s get out of here,” Dave couldn’t hear me because the alarm was still quite loud, even though we had run very far.

On our way out of campus, we realized it had been a great day. Dave had seen Seton Hall for the first time, and we got to see Okosun, even if for only a second. And how great to see the big guy practicing in the off-season! Dayeinu!!!!

But wait!! Who are those two students walking on the sidewalk? Could it be – Brandon Wawa and Paul Gause??!?!?! Jackpot numero duo!!! Rolling down the window, Dave flashed them a quick wave, to which they did not immediately respond. After we found ourselves faced with yet another dead-end, however, forcing us to turn around yet again, we passed them a second time, and they definitely saw us for sure. Even though Paul kept dribbling his basketball, and Brandon kept looking forward, I’m pretty sure they noticed. Also, they looked startled by the sound of a distant alarm.

The story of the exodus is not one to be taken lightly. It’s a story that demands retelling, because it’s essential to the freedoms we currently enjoy. On this Passover, Dave and I didn’t just retell the story – we enacted it, sounding the bell of freedom loud and clear.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Little WD-40

NCAA Tournament. Is Gonzo getting fired? Monsignor backs Gonzo. Fooch’s “exclusive” interview. Larry Davis transferred. Melvin “Moby Dick” Oliver. Pirate Blue Dinner. Is Nutter the next Adubato? Graduation around the corner.

I feel as though I am re-writing the lyrics to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Star the Fire,” but it is true – so much as happened in the last month and I am not sure where to begin.

I suppose the only logical place to begin is by apologizing to our loyal readers for our extended absence. It was a long and grueling season and with that came the very aches and pains felt by the players. My fingers are cramped. My brain hurts. My eyes are dried up from all the tears. We fans have it just as rough as the players. But enough with the excuses. I will spare you my sob story.

I suppose the purpose of this entry is not to attempt to summarize and analyze every action, or in some instances, inaction, taken by Seton Hall and the Men’s Basketball Team. Rather, it is to announce that we are back, stronger than ever. We have not given up on Seton Hall and our passion and energy is stronger now than it has ever been.

We took a month off to gather our thoughts, get our legs under us, and take a well needed rest. But rest assured, we are back, in full force, and look forward to covering another exciting year of Seton Hall Basketball.

Now that the universe of Setonia is back in order, we can all turn our attention to the Spring Signing period that begins tomorrow!