Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Romarsi Feast

Sitting through the raffle drawing at the booster club preseason dinner a few weeks ago, there was only one thing I set my eyes on winning. No, not the team autographed basketball. No, not the "Dream Seats" to an upcoming out of conference game. And no, not even a free lunch at Bunny's with Gonzo and the coaching staff. Rather, the one thing, and one thing only, that I set my eyes on was Romarsi's famed basil sauce and olive tapenade. So when Vince announced my name as the winner of the Grand Prize, I could not believe my luck!

Then, it occurred to me. What better way than to kick off the season than to have Ben over to my new apartment for a Romarsi feast? As the first guest to eat at my newly assembled Ikea dining room table, Ben and I chowed down on some gnocchi with basil sauce and olive chabatta bread with the olive tapenade, reminiscing about our apartment, fine Italian specialty foods, and, of course, Wawa.

After briefly discussing how a simple basil leaf could produce such an amazing sauce, the conversation quickly turned to tomorrow night's exhibition game against Carlton and the upcoming season. What would the starting five be? How many minutes would Big Mel play? Would Garcia get through the game with both knees intact? With Lisa subconsciously writing the name and number of her new favorite player in her dinner plate, Ben and I could not be happier. We were finally back in our element, discussing the ins and outs of Seton Hall basketball and, perhaps just as importantly, how we would get out to the game tomorrow night.

While the mystery of the basil leaf is still unresolved, one thing is for sure. Tomorrow marks the first game of what should be an unbelievable season. With all the prep work done, it's finally time for the games to begin. All the waiting is done. The curtains are drawn.

See you tomorrow night.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gonzo Appeals to Clearinghouse; Wants 6 Starters

Over the past few years, SHU has been something of a household name at the NCAA (Publisher's) Clearinghouse. Just like "Kleenex" or "Burlington Coat Factory." So they must have cringed at little on Sunday when Bobby announced that this year's squad would actually have 6 starters: Harvey, Hazell, Lawrence, Stix, Pope, and Garcia.

Now as even Dave's girlfriend could tell you, basketball is played with only 5 players. So Gonzo's request must have raised quite the proverbial eyebrow.

In truth, it's a testament to the depth of our squad. Everyone had relegated Stix to the bench, until he literally put on a clinic at the actual SHU Clinic, proving to booster club luminaries that he deserved a spot. You're my boy, STIXIE!!

At Setonia, we couldn't be more excited about the caliber of our team this year. And even though we don't expect the Clearinghouse to grant us that 6th starting spot on the floor -- those damned traditionalists!! -- we've got our fingers crossed that good things will befall the Hall.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Cereal: Cap'n Stix

We just received word that a 3rd captain has been added!! None other than Cap'n Stix!!

At Setonia we feel this is a great choice. Not only is Cap'n Stix high in rich nutrients like teamwork and unselfishness, but it's also a great balance for the two other popular cereal options: Honey Nut Nunu's and Garcia Bone-Flakes.

As his first power move as captain, Stix very graciously volunteered that Herb Pope take his place at Big East Media "My name is Adam Zagoria and I'm suddenly important today" Day. Given all of Herb's off-the-court battles and hard work, Stix thought he deserved to represent the team. You just can't say enough about Sticky Icky.

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Kids on the Block

No, this isn't Step by Step or Hangin' Tough, but Seton Hall is doing it's best Marky Mark impersonation and recently received verbal commitments from two highly touted high school recruits.

DaShaun Wiggins, a 6'2 wing guard from Brewster Academy, and Jesse Morgan, a 6'4 shooting guard from South Kent Prep, are the Hall's latest additions to its proverbial boy band. Wiggins, not to be confused with the much beloved BIG EAST referee Tim Higgins, will do his best to model his game after "Neon" Keon Lawrence and Morgan, who is known by some as "The Takeover," will officially be known from here on out as "Full House."

Looking forward to seeing these newbies at the exhibition game and listening to their falsetto during the national anthem.

Monday, October 12, 2009


By the end of last season, Dave and I were exhausted. We knew we needed to take a break from our beloved blog.

After an entire summer of R & R, our literal lithium batteries are now fully recharged and we're pumped for the year ahead!! So much has changed in the world of SHU basketball... For starters, all of a sudden we're a good team! With the addition of Farrakahn "Genghis" Kahn, Jamel "King of Stop n' Pop" Jackson, plus our well-dressed transfers, and the subtraction of 40 pounds of Mel, we should contend with the big boys of the Big East.

We've signed two Hazell-wannabes in Kung Fuquan Edwin and Jesse "Full House" Morgan. Welcome to you both!

We've given Gonzo an extension and salary raise. "What's that, Kim?? A new living room??"

Of course, there have been updates in our personal lives as well. Summer is the season of love, and Dave succumbed. Leaving me high and dry like a washed out hall-of-fame jersey in the rafters, Dave recently chose to move in with his girlfriend (Lisa) while I found a new apartment for me and my girlfriend (blog).

While the separation has been difficult, we've decided that nothing can come between us and our first passion du' vie: Setonia!! It was in that spirit that we attended last month's incredible Booster Club dinner in South Orange.

Now, these events are great as a way to rekindle friendships. It was a blast seeing Vinny, Dick, Dan, Vince, Professor Ed, Paul, the whole gang! (We'll be starting a SHU Fan of the Month series soon... Stay tuned!!) But perhaps the most surprising aspect of the evening? THE FOOD!!

After three delicious heapings of chicken "Kevin" murphy, as we rode Dr. Adubato's coattails to the front of the line, I thought I was stuffed. Then came the auction!! And wouldn't you know it, Dave won the best prize of all: Romarsi's Basil Sauce!

At first, you might ask yourself, why is Basil Sauce being auctioned at a SHU Booster Club event? Secondly you might ask yourself, what's Basil Sauce if not pesto? The answer? Who knows. But I can tell you this -- Dave and I have been pouring the stuff on everything from Wheaties to Linguini, and it's absolutely delicious.

So, blog, I hope you have enjoyed this nourishment. This season will prove to be another adventure for us two intrepid fans. May the journey begin...