Monday, July 28, 2008

Tickets, tickets!!

I was casually fraternizing with Dave this past weekend, sitting together in the living room, speculating about the weather, and planning our forthcoming trip to Puerto Rico, when he happened to (name?) drop some pretty unbelievable information: turns out, Dave's 18 year-old brother, Eric, has a friend, Andrew, who landed a sweet internship for a firm that manages the marketing for SHU's mens hoops team! Nice score, Drew! Sick resume boost!!!

But not only that. Apparently, Eric planted the seed that Andrew might be able to get us some season tickets!!! Sure it sounded great, but as any horticulturist knows, 60% of seeds fail to germinate.

We didn't hear from Andrew for a couple days, so I decided to take matters into my own hands, not unlike a tireless offensive rebounder.

Below is the email I sent to Andrew this morning:

dear andrew,

i am writing to you as eric rattner's brother's friend, as your former
school council president, but most importantly, as someone with a
borderline obsessive interest in seton hall basketball. as i'm sure
you're aware, dave and i have cultivated a truly unhealthy passion for
shu men's hoops, so much so that it's really consumed our lives. we
wake up in the morning, and we think of the team. we go to bed, and
dream of the team.

dave mentioned to me that there was a possibility you could get us
season tickets through your job. well, obviously i don't want to put
unfair pressure on you. but you do really need to understand the
impact that would have on our lives.

it really would change everything. last year, dave and i bought the
"gonzo plan", a ticket page which comprised a total of 6 home games,
including some of the most hotly anticipated contests with fellow Big
East rivals such as Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Rutgers. quite honestly,
it wasn't enough. sure, we saw the big matchups. but what about the
instant overtime classic against Robert Morris? or similarly, against

it's my understanding that the company you are working for this summer
is managing the marketing efforts for SHU men's hoops. of course, this
cannot possibly be true. at best, they are co-managing it. because
dave and i have actually been taking the lead on this project for
quite some time, having started our own blog aimed at garnering greater
publicity for the school and the squad, not to mention our extensive
WOM (word of mouth) endeavors.

you might be asking yourself right now, is this kid serious? to that i
would respond, i'm not a "kid" so don't call me that. i'm a man. i'm a
man with a passion. with a dream.

make my dream come true.


BLP '03, ad lumen society

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Seamlessly Delicious

Well, college basketball season is just around the corner, and that could only mean one thing - time to start ordering food online again from Seamless Web! While most sports enthusiasts enjoy ordering from their favorite neighborhood Domino's or local BBQ joint, Ben and I prefer instead to choose from the over 318 restaurants that are available in our 10016 area code.

Why limit ourselves to just Domino's when we have over 49 restaurants we can order pizza from! And Gourmet Deli food - please, the options are limitless. Also, there's nothing like some good Thai food while watching the boys run around on the hardcourt. Did I mention there are 15 different options? How about 83 different restaurants to order sandwiches from? Can't beat it.

Since basketball has become such an international game these days, we feel that its only appropriate to eat appropriately. That is why we choose Seamless Web to deliver food fast and easy, so we never have to miss a second of the game.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Not OK

Augustine Okosun came to Seton Hall University a little more than a year ago as a raw and underdeveloped basketball project. With the help of his controversial legal guardian, Joe Smith, Okosun arrived in South Orange after having only played roughly three years of organized basketball.

After a season of Facebook messages, instant messages, and telepathic messages, Augustine “AOK” Okosun will take his game to a Division II school in search of more playing time. Okosun, who started 11 games last season, only averaged nine minutes a game for the Pirates and clearly saw that with the addition of Melvyn Oliver, his minutes would only be more limited.

Okosun was a solid defender and arguably the Hall’s most athletic big man. His patented finger-roll slam dunk and unorthodox foul shot technique will be sorely missed. Ever the personality, his responsiveness to our Facebook messages quickly earned Okosun the title of Blog Favorite.

Satire aside, Augustine Okosun will be sorely missed. His mile-wide smile and simple graciousness to the fans was always a welcome sight. AOK was known as a gentleman – and a scholar – and he exuded the type of energy and compassion for the game that a coach could only hope for.

Augustine, you will be missed. Just make sure we stay Facebook friends.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hall Extends Recruiting Efforts Overseas

Dave and I had just finished playing an ultimate Frisbee match in Sheep’s meadow, when he received a text message. It was a text from one of our international sources, sending an update about Seton Hall.

While Dave and I like to think of the blog as our little pet project – and since Cray passed away, as also our literal pet – it takes more than just two boobs like us to run one of the most trafficked Seton-centric sites in the blogosphere. That’s why from time to time, we hire additional boobs so we don’t have to do all the reporting ourselves.

The text from Jeff “Pirate Bay Rum” Woglum was terse, but impactful, and yet not entirely devoid of emoticons: “Hall is recrting Iranian ☺”

Exhausted from our game of ultimate – a “sport” which was invented in none other than South Orange, NJ (see A, Johnston. “Correcting the fallacies surrounding the origins of Ultimate Frisbee”) – we nonetheless ran to the nearest Internet cafĂ©, which we discovered subsequently no longer exist.

Rum was right. Seton Hall and Coach Bobby Gonzalez were indeed making a push to bring forward Arsalan Kazemi to the squad. At 6’ 7’’, Kazemi could add some much needed help on the low block, and take some pressure off Davis and Garcia.

Though he is still learning the American style – i.e. dribble a lot and pass infrequently – his basketball IQ is said to be very high. Unfortunately, because his English is still very poor, his basketball SAT score is bound to be very bad. For that reason, he’ll probably do an extra year at a prep school on the East coast, and rumor has it that he’s currently considering the Patterson School, the alma mater of Jeremy Hazell. (Might we also humbly recommend Newark Academy, the 13th oldest day school in the nation with an outstanding foreign language curriculum, complete with International Baccalaureate credit.)

As fans, this is great news. We’re glad to see Bobby working hard and getting creative to fill that void at power forward. And even though Kazemi may still be a little undersized to have the impact we’d like, it’s great publicity for the school to be considering international candidates.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Gonzo - What's in a Name

Gonzo journalism (n.): a style of journalism which is written subjectively, often including the reporter as part of the story via a first person narrative. The style tends to blend factual and fictional elements to emphasize an underlying message and engage the reader.

With Alex Gibney’s “Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson” hitting a theater near you, it only seemed ripe for the first installment of our “What’s in a Name” series.

As many of you already know, Gonzo journalism tends to favor style over accuracy and often uses personal experiences and emotions to provide context for the topic or event being covered. It disregards the 'polished' edited product favored by newspaper media and strives for the gritty factor…Remind you of anyone we know!!??

No, not BIG EAST All-Star and friend of the blog, Referee Tim “Piggins” Higgins. And, no, not that daring little Muppet performer with the blue fur, bug eyes, and long crooked nose.

Yes people. Yes. Gonzo journalism seems to stem directly from none other than our very own Bobby Gonzalez.

How often have we seen Bobby G. blend the factual with the fictional to emphasize an underlying message and engage the reader? Mixing the faux with the pas, Bobby G. was surely looking to boost the Hall’s recruiting status when he said: “We are absolutely in the next year or two years going to get a kid that we’re not supposed to get…And what’s going to happen is, people are going to get very upset and they’re going to accuse of cheating.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I sure as Gonzo hope that we get a kid who “we’re not supposed to get” but I definitely don’t want the Hall to be accused of cheating. Oh well, I suppose that’s Gonzo journalism at its best.

Angry over some questionable calls down the stretch in Seton Hall’s final home game against Rutgers, Coach G. definitely disregarded any “polished edited product” when he blasted a certain official and nearly took Rutgers’ Fred Hill’s head off. But no worries folks, that’s just another classic example of Gonzo journalism.

So, for those who didn’t think so before, Coach Bobby Gonzalez and legendary psychedelic promoter Hunter S. Thomspon sure do have a lot in common after all.

That’s all we have this time for “What’s in a Name,” but stay tuned for Part II of our series when we take a closer look at famous Seton Hall alum Dick Vitale.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Missouri Loves Company

Former NJ star returns home

After suffering the tragic shooting death of his brother this past season, it was clear that Big 12 sophomore standout Keon Lawrence just wasn’t the same. Understandably, he was simply unable to focus on basketball, and his point production lagged as a result of his depression. Basically, he missed his family back home in Newark, NJ, and likewise they just needed him to be closer during such a difficult time.

This past week, Keon Lawrence announced he would do just that, transferring from Missouri to Seton Hall. While Lawrence will likely not suit up until the ’09 – ‘10 season, his declaration is nonetheless a very welcome sign for Hall fans.

When Lawrence played high school ball in the state of New Jersey, he was one of the most highly regarded shooting guards to enter college. He had originally toyed with the idea of going to Rutgers, but opted to move out-of-state, choosing instead the alma mater of Brad Pitt. Coincidence? Obviously. But not unlike Brad Pitt, Keon would assume a starring role at an early age, quickly becoming the Tigers’ first option on offense during his freshman (gubernatorial?) campaign.

Nicknamed the “human pogostick,” Keon brings an athleticism that’s undeniable, as well as an impressive shooter’s touch. Along with long distance specialists Hazell and Jackson, Keon should add an additional threat on the perimeter. Also, his leaping ability, as suggested by his formidable sobriquet, is off-the-charts, meaning he should help out on the glass as well.

Lastly, Keon brings an additional credit to his name. He is both a pogostick and a scholar! During his freshman year at MU, Keon earned a 3.55 gpa. Get ready, Dean’s List!! Looks like you just got a walk-on!

We applaud Bobby and his team for bringing Keon to Seton Hall.

Keon, our sincere condolences for your loss.

Best of luck with a fresh start in NJ and we’ll be cheering for you.