Friday, September 19, 2008

And Then There Were Eight

There are exactly 35 days until Seton Hall tips off its season against Molloy College at Walsh Gymnasium. That means that there are exactly 35 days for Coach Bobby Gonzalez to add a few more players to this year's roster.

Academic ineligibility, potential injury and court time all threaten the Hall's capability to field a competitive - and well rested - team this year. With transfer Jamel "JJ" Jackson recently ruled academically ineligible, there are now only eight players who are NCAA eligible to play this year.

Eight - the first number to be the aliquot sum of two numbers other than itself - is not enough players to field a competitive basektball squad. Eight - linguistically derived from the Middle English eighte - means that Brandon "WaWa" Walters instantly becomes the backup power forward. Eight - is ridiculous.

The very same problems that slowed the Hall down last year threaten to pose the same problems this year. An NCAA Division I basketball program can not survive with only 8 players. That would be like a baseball team trying to last a whole season with one pitcher. It just doesnt happen.

I know, I know what you're thinking. Big Melvyn Oliver might still be declared eligible to play, which brings the number of able bodies to a whopping nine players. But the fact that we have not heard one way or another is not the most positive sign. And yes, Neon Keon and the Holy See might still be granted their hardship waiver, a long shot but obviuosly something worth praying for. But why should we, as fans, have to pray for miracles and hope that our players squeak by the NCAA Clearinhouse and be allowed to play. Why cant more people by like Jordan Theodore - a modern day Moses, an academic scholar and a man amongst boys?