Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Gonzo! Hall Tops Johnnies 59-50

Last night was a night of uncertainties. Question marks if you will. With the Hall's senior captain and (walk-on?) point guard Eugene Harvey (see left) out with a bruised wrist, how would JT handle the pressures of being the primary ball handler? Would Stix's sticks be up for the increase in minutes? Would Ben's lineup that he's been clamoring for finally get time together on the court? Would we respond well to playing at the dreaded Carnesecca Arena...Gonzo's supposed "House of Horrors?"

Well, last night, I think Ben and I found our answer. Doing his best Allen Iverson impression, Jeff "Robblehead" Robinson continued to prove how invaluable he is to our beloved Pirates. When Jeremy Hazell went down with a gash in his shooting hand, we were left to wonder: "who are we going to follow?" We then watched as the mopboys (or men?) "followed (the blood of) Hazell" all over the hardwood, moping up drops Hansel and Gretyl style.

Fortunately, Jeff, like the beast he is, showed he was up to the challenge of leading the Pirates to victory. And, following in his man-child footsteps, was none other than crowd favorite Stixie Mitchell. Like two peas in a pod, Jeff and Stix combined for 31 of Seton Hall's 59 points and 14 of the 35 rebounds. Sounds like we got the right answer after all, Professor G!

Luckily, we were able to come up with some answers last night. Claiming our first BIG EAST road victory was certainly no easy task, especially against Metro rival St. Johns. Now that we passed our first test, how will we fare Saturday against West Virginia? That's the question...hopefully Gonzo can come up with the answer.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hall Uses "Head" to Beat Depaul

Seton Hall has been accused of not playing smart basketball this season. Well, we certainly used our head in this one!

Let's start with the racially ambiguous Bobby G bobblehead. Handed out to fans like x-mas presents in February, these must-haves really were quite shocking. Nothing like receiving a box adorned with a blonde-haired coach only to unwrap a figurine of SNL's Obama impersonation. Talk about change we can believe in! (A quick tip... If you pull the string on the back of Gonzo's suit, you can hear the bobblehead mutter "That's right, Fooch" while nodding furiously.)

But that wasn't the only head that got attention on Sunday. A slight modification to the halfcourt hardwood logo increased the size of the Pirate head by a significant magnitude. While a bit over-the-top for my liking, the gigantic Pirate head is a little better than the other proposed alteration... namely, a huge profile of Jeremy's dome marked with an X like a treasure map and the words "Follow Hazell" inscribed on each yellow-brick path.

Amidst it all, there was also some heady play. JRob had a smart game and was very efficient offensively. And even Gonzo used his head when he removed Pope late for foul shooting reasons. He also finally inserted the line-up we've been clamoring for: Theodore, Hazell, Stix, JRob, Pope. It was probably the best two minutes we've played all year. Overall, we rotated well and it was nice to see Fero get consistent minutes.

Well, let's hope we bring our A Brain against St. Johns, because that's a win we absolutely need.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Luck of the Pirates; Hall Wins 90-87

Last night was a rather unusual night. Ben got stuck at work and had to literally swim his way through brands in order to find the door and I had the distinct pleasure of taking care of my fair lady after a bad spill on the ice yesterday morning (I keep telling her that if she is going to go in for the hip check, she should always wear a helmet...but she just doesnt want to listen). With that being said, there was abolutely zero Setonia coverage at a game that Seton Hall desperately needed.

Except, there was. Thanks in part to a series of texts from Vinman, subliminal messages from Gary Cohen and Wonderboy Popkin, and a well timed Jerry Walker leg extension to trip up Luke Harangody, Setonia was there in full force - represented well throughout the diverse cross-section of fans. And of course, last night's success would not have been possible if it weren't for Mike Lazardis and John McCain, co-founders of the modern day blackberry! Thanks JMac!

So thank you to all those who kept us in the loop and for playing your part in a much needed Seton Hall victory. Oh, and thank you to J'zell for getting hot at the right time and Nunu for showing your senior leadership. And to Gonzo for not getting any technical fouls. And to Tim Abromaitis and Carleton Scott for missing wide open three's at the end of the game...we definitely owe you guys one!

Maybe, after all, it's better to be lucky AND good than just plain old lucky. Now, on to Sunday and the race to see who can be the first in line to get the Bobby Gonzalez bobble head doll...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out of Sight... Out of Mind

Dave and I had quite the trip planned to Pittsburgh. We were going to tour abandoned steel factories. Wade in three rivers. Sip Heinz ketchup. But alas, it was not to be. White-out conditions made it impossible to get there.

So, how are we dealing with the thwarted trip? The same way we're dealing with the embarrassing loss to Pitt. We're whiting it out. It never happened. Like a Tower of Learning submerged in a snowbank, it simply doesn't exist.

Okay... let's beat Notre Dame!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nova Slap Chops Hall 81-71

It was a night of infomercials. And what should have been a commercial for Seton Hall's chances to make a late season push for the NCAA tournament turned out to be a dud, reminiscent of the failed 1999 "Just For Feet" Super Bowl commercial. Rather than watching the Budweiser "Respect" commercial - or better yet, Justin Timberlake tearing off Janet Jackson's top - Ben and I were forced to sit through seemingly endless ads for cat hair removal, nose hair trimmers, Snuggies, and slap choppers. Ahh, the life of a Seton Hall basketball fan...

The Pirates travelled to the Pavillion Tuesday night to tackle newly anointed #2 Villa-no-fun. Everyone expected this old school Catholic school rivalry to be a great game; ESPNU brought in its big guns in Len Elmore and Dave O'Brien and Fortune 5,000 companies outbid each other for the highly coveted two minute infomercial slot. And, in typical Seton Hall fashion, the first thirty three minutes of the game were great.

J'zell had an unusually efficient game - nailing down jumpers as proficiently as a Slap Chop slices and dices carrots - and Gonzo even managed get Lil' El and Fero Hall off the bench for some quality playing time. And, in one of the more bizarre plays of the evening, Fero showed that he might have a future in Mens Volleyball after jumping through the roof to spike the basketball out of bounds. Nice kill, Fero! As usual, Keon and JT had outstanding defensive games, combining to more or less shut down Scottie "McBottie" Reynolds and Nova's dangerous guards for most of the game. Despite still struggling offensively, it is nice to see Neon contribute on the defensive side and be as much of a shutdown defender as we have.

However, despite all the lead changes and ties, it always felt like some pieces of the puzzle were missing. His Holy See got into foul trouble early and was a virtual non factor in the first half. Also, JRob and Keon saw more time on the bench than the hardwood in the first half leading Ben and I to wonder if our Holy Trinity had...gasp...transferred!?!? Scratching our collective heads as to where three of our best players were for the first half, Ben and I kept scratching (furiously) as the game wound down and our only offensive threat of the evening was sitting on the bench. Not seeing flagman that evening, had Gonzo chosen to wave the proverbial (blue and) white flag himself!? Was he simply trying to send J'zell a message? Whatever the case may be, our heads are still hurting two days later from all that scratching!

Another game and another disappointing loss, we decided to do the only thing two obsessive fanaticals would the next flight to Pittsburgh! John and Gertrude Peterson wont know what hit them...