Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Welcome to the Gonzone

Welcome to the Gonzone – home of all things Seton Hall Basketball. As new members to the Blogosphere, we are excited to share with you, our devoted readers, our thoughts about Seton Hall Basketball, the BIG EAST, recruiting, and of course, Gonzo.

Before reading further, however, it's important that you first understand the back story that has led to the creation of this blog, as it will help you better appreciate its significance.

For the last twenty-two years of our respective lives, my roommate and I have been searching for something. We didn't realize it during those years -- we could not fully comprehend the extent of our dissatisfaction and general lack of fulfillment. But then something at once magical and terrifying happened: we discovered our passion --nay, obsession -- for Seton Hall basketball.

Like any obsession, ours is not entirely healthy. It has come at the expense of relationships; other interests. But so far the reward has far outweighed all sacrifice.

Not unlike John Garcia's surgically repaired knee, there's a lot riding on this. We hope you will join us in this legendary adventure.

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