Friday, October 31, 2008

Media Credentials Denied; Appeal Filed

As readers of the blog, you know that Dave and I are pretty serious about our love for the Hall. We follow this team religiously, and with true journalistic integrity.

It's for that reason that we decided to apply for media credentials to cover the team more closely at home games. Unfortunately, we just received an email that we've been denied. Fear not, however!! I have just filed an appeal with someone named Matt. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

Here's the email from the Hall:

Thank you for your interest in covering Seton Hall University men's basketball. Unfortunately, your request does not meet our credential criteria and it is not possible to accommodate all requests. You were denied credentials for the following reason:

Due to limited media space, Seton Hall University does not credential independent bloggers.

If you have any questions regarding your credential request, please contact Matt Sweeney at

Here's our "appeal:"

Dear Matt,

A few weeks ago, my fellow blogger Dave and I applied for media credentials to cover Seton Hall basketball. Unfortunately, we were inexplicably denied. In the email we received, we were told: "Seton Hall University does not credential independent bloggers."

I certainly understand that media credentials for Seton Hall must be in very high-demand, and accommodating every request is surely impossible. Really, who in their right mind wouldn't want the opportunity to report on this crazy squad?!?!?! Gonzo?!?! Nunu?!?! I can only imagine the piles and piles of applications.

Ordinarily, I would accept this denial with grace and humility. I must, however, take objection to the phrase "independent bloggers."

Dave and I are in no way independent. In fact, we depend on Seton Hall basketball for everything. Without the Seton Hall team, we'd have no reason to go on. "It's like someone saying I can't have air. I can't live without air, and I can't live without them." (Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire, referring to his children.)

Although I've never met you Matt, I can say confidently that you will never meet two people more dependent on anything in your entire life. And now, I'm depending on you.

I kindly and respectfully ask that the powers that be reconsider this decision. Not unlike Herbert Pope, I hope that you will take seriously my "appeal," accounting for all personal hardship I may or may not
have endured.


Ben and Dave


Anonymous said...

Really tasteless and imbecilic.

soman said...

They deny you credentials? I wonder if the News Wretched has them. Rather read you guys over that rag any day.

Anonymous said...

if you were a real blog, you would have already posted something on last night's exhibition game

Anonymous said...