Monday, March 2, 2009

My Love

Love and basketball - two peas in a pod that seem to go together even beyond its famed movie title. Just as Seton Hall is always trying to recruit the best players to join their team for the following season, I am also always trying to court the best local prospects in an attempt to join forces with them for my own future.

Upon sending a text message to my top recruit letting her know that I will be in Kentucky until Sunday, I received the following response:

"Oh my god I cant believe it's already Kentucky. You and Ben must be flipping out. I hope that hezel guys hits his threes and gets the foul call...And that sticks performs and that garcias legs stay strong. And who knows maybe Davis wont foul out in two minutes and actually grab a rebound or two. Go shu!"

What do you think? Does she pass the test? Sure, there were some typos, but who ever said love was perfect?


Runs with Scissors said...

She has most the important things right. What are her views on golf and fishing? (I am just thinking about the off-season)

Anonymous said...

Brother go for it! If she is so positive when the team is 15-13 imagine if the team gets 20 wins next season

UConnia said...

you should hold on to any girl that can handle your obsession to Seton Hall like grim death

wenglesworth said...

by top recruit you mean hoffman?