Sunday, November 29, 2009

Long Night for Long Island; Hall Cruises

Last night was a battle between Pirates and the Downeaster Alexa. Let's just say the piano man isn't thrilled.

With the Long Island fishing industry still reeling, SHU delivered a crushing blow, sinking the LIU ship and catching all "stripers" in sight. Not only did the Hall sail on to victory with ease, but they did it in style!! For the first time in recent memory, a first mate within the cheerleading squad sang the national anthem! And finally a student won the SHU shotclock challenge, although his pants were down at his ankles while he did it -- better pull those up when you go to McLoones!

As the LIU players swam frantically like guppies, Pope soared high to grab every rebound in sight. Harvey was confident, feeding a gorgeous alleyoop pass to Hazell, and Stix used his legs like oars to beat down the opponent. Even Long Island-native Matt "Juice" Cajuste got into the game! It was a tough night for Fero, however, who found himself frequently pushed out of position, but we think he'll bounce back. Freshmen have nights like that.

But is there not always a twinge of sadness in every victory? Yes, while the Pirates looked buoyant last night, it might have been because they were carrying less weight. Due to poor academics, Mel has been asked to take a leave of absence from the team. It's bad news to say the least, since the Hall needs Mel come Big East time. His talent is undeniable... let's hope lack of discipline doesn't hold him back.

For now, let's enjoy the blow out. Sail on, Pirates!! Sail on... And Dave, if you're reading, bring me back some Moroccan couscous!!