Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gary Cohen, Dave Popkin Will Seton Hall to Victory

Wow. Wowsers. Wow-a-mania. Whatever form you choose, one thing is unanimous – what a game. Seton Hall traveled down to South Florida tonight (which is actually not located in southern Florida but is instead on the western coast of the state) and literally turned off the lights as they won 79-75.

Led all night by the unconscious performances of senior captains Brian Laing and Jamar Nutter, Seton Hall turned to their big man Johnny Garcia down the stretch to lead them to victory. Not even a state-wide power outage could stop Johnny as he out muscled and out milked USF big man, Kentrelle Gransberry. Not only did Cherry post his fifth double-double of the season, but something about that Florida sun transformed him into the second coming of Reggie Miller as he sank two free throws late in the game to help seal the deal for the Hall.

Unfortunately, Ben and I were unable to actually see the game as Time Warner Cable looked more like Nunu on the fast break than a legitimate cable company, so we had to turn to our trusted friends the Honorable Gary Cohen and Sir Dave Popkin. So while Ben was busy frolicking around, tossing ping pong balls into plastic cups during the first half, I was strapped to my seat listening to the gospel of Gary and Dave. And what a sermon it was – Gary delivered his usual poignant play-by-play and Dave added his timely game analysis. Because of them, I was able to survive this television blackout.

Next step: the Pirates take their ship into the Red Storm of St. John’s as they look to get closer to clinching a bid to the Big East Tournament. Afterwards, perhaps an afterparty with Davis and Hazell at Galway Hooker? They may be attending…

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Esther said...

Ben's ping-pong ball flinging was a noble effort, not to be mocked!