Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nova Wins on Last Second Shot

Coming into this game, Dave and I weren’t feeling too confident. So we decided to change up our routine. Instead of our trademark Gonzone t-shirts, we wore street clothes. Instead of watching the game in our cramped apartment, we watched the game at Dave’s friend’s place a couple blocks away. Instead of listening to the game on 770 WABC, we turned up the volume on Dave’s friend’s television, creating an arena-like atmosphere, which later drew complaints from the elderly neighbors, which was a very PAC 10 move.

Despite our best efforts to mix things up, however, the outcome sadly remained the same: another loss for the Hall, their third in a row. There were a number of positive takeaways from the game, nonetheless.

Firstly, Seton Hall is back to playing quality basketball. Even though they lost, this looked like the team that literally turned people’s heads. Sure, they didn’t shoot well from outside, but they drove strong to the basket, and the ball movement was very good. “Big city” Nunu proved yet again that he shows up for the big games.

Secondly, Mike Davis is a stud. Yes, he should have dunked that rebound put-back instead of attempting a Karl Malone-esque teardrop of a fadeaway from right under the hoop, but he’ll learn to be more aggressive. The bottom line is this: Davis has great hands for a big man, and if he stays healthy, he’ll be the center of the future for this squad.

Thrice, the team played very well without Gause. True, they didn’t get as many steals as they usually do, but the energy was great.

Quatrain, the Hall showed that they can score without senior Brian Laing. During the first half, Laing was struggling to get in a rhythm, but Harvey, Nutter, and Hazell all made major contributions. The question is, will the Hall be able to get rebounds after he graduates (with distinction?)

So, all-in-all, a very tough loss. A number of balls rimmed out for the Hall, and Nova shot the lights out from deep. I like how they played though, and I’m feeling good looking forward to Marquette.

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