Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lessons for Life

Well, we’re back. It was one of the greatest roadtrips of all time, and now we must resume our daily routine. Get up, feed the crayfish, go to work, come home, feed the crayfish, then dream all night about Seton Hall…

But it’s important not to forget the lessons we learned while in West Virginia, because those lessons were critical.

Lesson #1: Visit parts of the country that tourists never visit.

Dave and I were not tourists in West Virginia – we were West Virginians. While we were there, we completely immersed ourselves in the culture, everything from attending a Morgantown high school musical production of High School Musical, to catching a ride back to our hotel with the pizza delivery boy (or was he truly a man?). We rode Rt. 250 at sunset. We met Bob Huggins in a bar (twice). All in all, it was the experience of a lifetime.

Lesson #2: Always carry a pen.

The number of autographs we received on this journey was nothing short of staggering. Bob Huggins, yes, but nearly the entire Seton Hall team as well!!! Armed with a pen he found in the lobby, and his two functional arms, Dave successfully waved down player after player and convinced each to sign his Waterfront Plaza Hotel notepad. If Dave hadn’t found that pen, would the signatures even exist? If Marty’s parents hadn’t kissed at the Under the Sea dance, would he even exist?!?!?!

Lesson #3: Mike Davis must have done something stupid during warm-ups.

Mike Davis must have done something stupid during warm-ups. You know how we know this? Because he didn’t play the entire game. Not a single minute. And he was listed as a starter on the scoreboard just a couple seconds before tip-off. Also, he could have potentially helped Seton Hall a lot in that game, as West Virginia doesn’t have that many big bodies to match up against the 6’10 Davis. (Except perhaps Jamie Smalligan, whose last name sums up the lilliputian aspect of his game). My guess is that Gonzo wanted to send Davis a message (in a bottle?)

Lesson #4: Crayfish should be fed multiple times per day.

Although technically “unnecessary,” and “potentially harmful for the PH level of the tank,” it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

So with these lessons learned, we now look forward to the next game. Seton Hall is desperate for a win in this upcoming contest for Depaul, and you can bet Depaul is going to be hungry as well after losing a squeaker against UConn. Expect an epic battle in this match-up of major Big East tournament implications.


poopie said...


Anonymous said...

oh no - did cray die?

boss lady said...

Hope killing your crayfish was worth it.

William said...

Several points:

1. It's the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.

2. I was listening to the "Song Message in a Bottle" and the chorus came on right when I read that line in your article. Spooky

3. You should have talked to Huggie bear about the time he got pulled over for DUI and there was puke all over the inside of his car. That would have really razzled him.

Other than that, bravo. Well written Benjamin